The Policy Wire continuously welcomes unsolicited submissions from talented scholars and professionals. When submitting, please follow the general notices below.

  • Both pitches and finished submissions are welcome for consideration.
  • Preference will be shown for articles that challenge conventional coverage and analysis.
  • Short pieces should range between 400 and 800 words and longer pieces start at 1,000 words.
  • Longer pieces and multi-part coverage pieces should first be pitched to the editorial staff to refine the scope of the piece.
  • Photo essays and interviews are also welcome and should be pitched to the editorial staff prior to submission.
  • A style guide will be provided to all accepted authors to help prepare the piece for publication on The Policy Wire. For our style guide please visit;
  • The editorial staff retains final right to make any modifications to submissions to confirm to the style guide of The Policy Wire.

Editors will make every reasonable effort to work with others on their submissions and to provide timely and relevant feedback. The final authority to accept or reject pitches, pieces, and any other content rests with the editor in chief.

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