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The Prism

February 10, 2024
We must develop and institutionalize individuals and values within democracy, and build structures that safeguard this. Leadership that constantly threatens humanity, like Putin's, is far behind the times. To lead the policies of less developed and developing countries, new types of global mechanisms that also utilize technology are needed; global leadership should be developed with these mechanisms. Therefore, there is a need for new approaches that support the existing nation-state system and leadership that will engage with it.
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Potemkin Democracy

February 7, 2024
In fact, people in the world cannot expect to learn democracy and develop from leaders like Putin or Xi, can they? However, if leaders have authoritarian and populist characteristics, then the idea of ​​developing through democracy will suffer the most. What people need is to be able to further develop through American democracy, to become even more advanced individuals through democracy. What humanity definitely needs is not the proliferation of arrogant and populist figures like oligarchs, authoritarian rulers, and personalities who only know how to work for themselves like Potemkin. Such leaders and politicians highlight oppression and distortions within democracy and foster the development of unwanted tissues in society. People need leaders and politicians who know how to develop within democracy.
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Actor’s Stage

February 5, 2024
Today, we see that alongside states, non-state actors are increasingly prominent on the world stage. Moreover, due to the fact that approaches to these actors are turning into political arguments, there is inevitably a state of instability emerging. Here, we are talking about structures that can be dealt with using quite complex and multiple equations. It's a very challenging situation. Now, let's examine this topic and try to clarify it a bit.
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The Nature of the Subject

January 30, 2024
Whether we express it or not, in every place where politics exists, we contemplate confidence-building measures and the ability to control the situation. Let's describe the most prominent subject of the natural situation that occurs here. If those who lead our organizations act with sufficient consciousness, this will result in a more beneficial outcome for humanity. The explanations here will show us with very natural reasons, what power does the United Nations have?
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Strategic Situation and Iranian Geopolitics

January 21, 2024
Those who hold control are those who know the strategy. If you are talking about conflict, it should be understood in the manner of these new methods. Iran is a significant area of conflict. Israel, under the guise of the more pressing issue of Iran, is interested in making progress in the Eastern Mediterranean for its own benefit.
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The Course of Iran

January 18, 2024
We are in a period where Iran is on the agenda. Even when we consider Iran's situation in the last three months in the Middle East, where complex relationships with multiple sides and depths are concentrated, we can notice many complex situations.
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The Ruler and the People

January 12, 2024
Some societies have not been able to escape cultural upheavals and have not experienced an Enlightenment period. They are more prone to autocracy, populism, and militarism. Additional political pressure is not necessary, as they can be driven to extremes with just a little manipulative policy. However, the people living in these areas deserve better governance. Humanity requires this; humanity wants to be free from the imaginary thoughts.
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The Problem of Modern Populism

January 3, 2024
Wars were fought to bury fascism in history. Under these conditions, burying populism in history seems difficult... Using populists to nourish autocracies can never be the right strategy. It is not about raising enemies in swamps, grey, and dark areas; it is about developing people in clean, clear, open spaces and uniting them.
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Global Leadership

December 28, 2023
This article does not fully address environmental issues but focuses on the description of a global deadlock. Accepting that we are now sufficiently convinced about the environmental issues and human-made mistakes, we still need to do more as there are many problems awaiting solutions! Wars continue, and today we must feed a population exceeding 8 billion, which is expected to increase in the future. We must consider people with equal rights. Who will solve these global problems? Is there a leadership problem?
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Global Democracy Discussion

December 25, 2023
There are as many opponents of democracy as there are of modernism, liberalism, and globalization. Nevertheless, concepts like democracy, modern democracy, liberal democracy, and global democracy continue to evolve in their own direction. Those who continue the legacy of the Enlightenment must always look to the future.
10 mins read
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