Multi-dimensional Real War

March 4, 2024
We classify wars into generations. Looking at the wars that have occurred, we can talk about a new method of warfare aimed at achieving results by utilizing warfare tactics from every class. Perhaps we will call this "fifth-generation" warfare. Nevertheless, we may still need to look at all of this from the perspective of "real war." When you combine fifth-generation with real war, the result is Multi-dimensional Warfare.
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The Debate on Neo-Imperialism

February 14, 2024
Let's look at today. With the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Digital Age, an intense period of innovation has begun. If a new sovereignty debate arises regarding artificial intelligence, we cannot remain indifferent to it. Perhaps it may even be necessary to call this the "Age of Neo-Imperialism." The main actors of this age are the powers dominating the new sovereignty phenomenon, highlighted by the power of artificial intelligence.
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Whispers of the CIA Chief

January 31, 2024
I would like to share my thoughts on CIA Chief William J. Burns' article titled "Transforming the CIA for the Age of Competition: Espionage and Statecraft" published in Foreign Affairs on January 30, 2024.
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Strategic Situation and Iranian Geopolitics

January 21, 2024
Those who hold control are those who know the strategy. If you are talking about conflict, it should be understood in the manner of these new methods. Iran is a significant area of conflict. Israel, under the guise of the more pressing issue of Iran, is interested in making progress in the Eastern Mediterranean for its own benefit.
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The Course of Iran

January 18, 2024
We are in a period where Iran is on the agenda. Even when we consider Iran's situation in the last three months in the Middle East, where complex relationships with multiple sides and depths are concentrated, we can notice many complex situations.
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Global Leadership

December 28, 2023
This article does not fully address environmental issues but focuses on the description of a global deadlock. Accepting that we are now sufficiently convinced about the environmental issues and human-made mistakes, we still need to do more as there are many problems awaiting solutions! Wars continue, and today we must feed a population exceeding 8 billion, which is expected to increase in the future. We must consider people with equal rights. Who will solve these global problems? Is there a leadership problem?
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Global Democracy Discussion

December 25, 2023
There are as many opponents of democracy as there are of modernism, liberalism, and globalization. Nevertheless, concepts like democracy, modern democracy, liberal democracy, and global democracy continue to evolve in their own direction. Those who continue the legacy of the Enlightenment must always look to the future.
10 mins read

International System’s Continuity

December 21, 2023
The international system is like a turbulent sea. Each ship on it can be thought of as Noah's Ark. It is crucial that these ships are built to withstand the waves. I'm not talking about overcoming the waves, but about the construction and characteristics of the ship. These ships are the nations themselves. The formation of nations depends on a system. The system embodies certain understandings and is distinguished by its high value. It's essential to navigate through the turbulent or dark seas without getting lost, sinking, or colliding. These ships have their leaders. Each one should be like Noah.
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December 19, 2023
We often say that days pass quickly, but we cannot overlook what each day brings! Those who watched the series "Space 1999" in the 1970s, what did they think in the year 2000? Such topics evoke different thoughts for everyone. You might see that many of the conveniences presented to you in the 2000s become reality. In the city, at home, while traveling, even in daily tasks. Those who watched the Apollo 11 crew return from space on tube TVs remember the capsule parachuting into the ocean. Naval ships and helicopters were there to retrieve the crew. Today, you can watch SpaceX's reusable rockets take off and land vertically on a robotic barge at sea via the internet. The barge moves back and forth, but this time to avoid disturbing people. Another purpose is that if today you can land on a moving surface in water, tomorrow you could land on any asteroid's surface. Of course, in this article, I won't talk about the "Space 2070" series. I will talk about a lifestyle that is taking shape now but will be commonplace in cities, homes, travel, and even daily tasks. Ironically, let me put it this way: I'm going to talk about the world in the 2070 version of the 1960s cartoon "The Jetsons."
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